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NOVO Dental Centre – Reporting

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These reports describe the performance of
NOVO Dental Centres online assets.

Performance Report

Performance reports describe the technical functioning of the website.

  • includes Lighthouse, GTMetrix and WebPageTest report;
  • updated monthly;
  • select the past month in the date selector to see previous reports;
  • link to full reports.

Website Activity report describes the website visitors interaction based on Google Analytics reporting

Google Search Console report describes the performance of the website in Google organic search

The Local SEO Reporting package includes a collection of reports that will help you evaluate most aspects of your Website and online profile.

The reports found on the Local SEO Report dashboard will link to the following reports:

  • Local search
  • Rankings
  • Citation tracking
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Google My Business Summary
  • Google Analytics Summary

Citation Report allows you to assess how your online name address and phone data is propagated across online citation indexes.

Review your Citation Report.

The online search algorithms draw on information across the internet to assess the accuracy of the data being indexed.

These indexes contain the name, address, phone number and website address (URL). This data set is sometimes called NAP; short for name address and phone number. A few indexes contain additional information such as a brief description of business and images.

If your NAP information is the same on every index, and agree with the information on your website and GMB page; then the search engines conclude this information is more likely to be accurate and attributes it with a high degree of reliability.