We are the “Google Guys”

Jody is a 14 year veteran of the adventure tourism industry, run a successful spa at a resort, and has even worked as a chimney sweep. He has a passion for travel, motorcycling, and the outdoors. In 2013 he became an award winning Google Trusted Photographer while working for Views 4 Business. In this capacity he has coached thousands of business owners and managers on the best practices to increase business optimizing Google My Business listings. He has gathered a team of professional, honest and enthusiastic employees to help business owners increase their online presence with Photography, Google My Business training, management as well as Website SEO and Google Adwords.

Awarded for bringing placed to life with amazing photos of places people care about.

Awarded for helping others to get the right info about places on Google

Award for being the first person to add important info about places.

Awarded for helping others by writing detailed reviews of businesses people want to know about.